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Sonia Choquette: Evergreen Webinar

Updated: May 13, 2019

How One Woman Leveraged Online Automation To Decrease Her Speaking Obligations By 65% And Free Up 15 Hours Per Week Previously Spent Coaching Clients… While Increasing Business Revenue.

In this case study, I’m going to share with you how we helped one of our clients, Sonia Choquette, go from being an incredibly successful business owner who was also stuck in her business...

To escaping her current traps, fully automating her lead generation and sales process, and reaching the “next level” in her business.

Thanks to the leverage her online automation provides, she was able to decrease her speaking gigs from 18-20 per year down to only 7, while growing the business.


Sonia has gone from working 5 hour days with clients Monday – Friday to working 5 hour days on just Tuesday and Wednesday ( all while increasing overall business revenue). In the past there was no personal time for Sonia, it was all work, all the time. - Sonia's Marketing Manager

By the time I first met Sonia, she’d already made a name for herself as a successful expert and entrepreneur. She’d already written over 24 international best sellers, built a thriving passion-based business, and travelled all across the globe sharing her gifts.

She was living a life most people could only ever dream of.

Yet, Sonia had hit a ceiling. Between the traveling and speaking arrangements, Sonia’s time was being dominated by a demanding business that had once brought her a sense of limitless freedom. It was all no work and no play, and she was getting tired.

Sonia needed a solution that would free up her time while still allowing her to give her customers the high level of service her reputation demanded.

Sonia’s problems with her business fell into 2 distinct categories: consistent lead generation and automated sales systems.

Here’s how we solved them and helped her grow the business while freeing up her time:


When Sonia first came to us, she didn’t have an automatic, scalable way of reaching new potential customers. Instead, she had to show up in person to speak on stages and rely on organic search traffic to her website.

For years, she’s spoken on around 18-20 stages per year – meaning she was “on the road” 1 out of every 3 weeks. That’s not easy.

To give Sonia the free time and scalability she desired, we needed to replace her in-person obligations with an evergreen, scalable lead generation strategy that could get her new leads on autopilot.

The best way to create a consistent, automated lead flow is with a lead magnet, which is a high-value piece of content that you give away in exchange for an email address. This is a great way to start a relationship with potential customers, as it positions you as the expert and demonstrates that you’re here to help and provide value.

Once you have their email, you’re able to market to them over and over again until they either become a customer or decide it’s not for them.

Creating Sonia’s Mini-Course “Lead Magnet”

Sonia’s bestselling online course was “Ask Your Guides”, so we chose to create a “mini-course” version of the same name that we could give away for free.

Here’s what the “optin page” looks like:

Notice the bright, inviting colors, the clear call-to-action, and the social proof. These are all factors that are shown to increase conversions on a landing page.

This particular landing page converts around 57% from cold facebook traffic – that means that nearly 3 out of every 5 visitors to the page chooses to enter their email address and watch Sonia’s mini-course! Not too shabby.


In addition to simplifying and automating the lead generation side of Sonia’s business, this “lead magnet” has also done a fantastic job of increasing conversions throughout the rest of her sales funnel.

And this just makes sense, if you think about how much more control Sonia has over the entire customer experience – from their initial impression, to the content in the email follow-ups they receive, to the very fact that more leads are being captured with more consistency.

To give you an idea of the types of results that are possible, when we pushed this particular sales funnel “live” and started running Facebook ads to it, we immediately saw a 7x ROI (return on investment) on Facebook Ad spend.

That means for every $1 we put in to Facebook ads,

Sonia generated $7 in revenue!

That’s about as close to printing money as you can get while still staying on the right side of the law.

Today, this funnel still generates a positive return of around $3 earned for every $1 spent on ads, and shows no signs of stopping.

Keep in mind… that’s on “front end revenue” generated ONLY from our webinar sales funnel (more on that later in this post). That doesn’t include future sales from these leads and customers… which is usually where the real profits are made.


In my experience, the key to a great “lead magnet” is alignment.

There must be alignment between the messaging and problem you’re solving in your mini-course, and the messaging and problem you’re solving in your paid courses, products, and services. You also need to make sure you “lead magnet” addresses the biggest problem your customers face at the beginning of their journey (the most prominent question that’s on their mind)

If you don’t have a paid course yet, that’s ok. Perhaps you do some form of coaching or consulting, or you offer a “done for you service” like website design. You can generate leads “in alignment” with these types of back end services as well by developing a lead magnet from scratch.

Here’s how you do it:

Get crystal clear on your ideal customer for the products and/or services you offer.Consider the biggest challenge they have, and how you can give them an “aha moment” in a short period of time that will add value, position you as the expert, and get people’s attention!

Do some research on competitors in your space and see what kind of lead magnets or other free content they’re giving awaySet aside some time to brainstorm a list of lead magnet ideas (it’s ok to include ideas your competitors have done)Pick one idea from the list and build it!

I typically recommend building a “mini-course” lead magnet, where you deliver content via 1 or 2 short videos, no longer than 20 minutes total. Like I mentioned, the mini course is meant to give people an “aha moment” and will quickly add value to their lives while positioning YOU as the trusted expert.

While you want your lead magnet to deliver value to your prospects, make sure that it also leaves them wanting more – this increases the likelihood of them converting to paying customers down the line.


By the time we started working together, Sonia already had a sizeable email list. And with the new lead magnet in place, that number would only increase.

However, her main method for generating sales of her courses and coaching programs was sending manual email broadcasts to sales pages on her main website.

While sending out “live broadcasts” can be highly effective, it also requires that someone be there to write and send out those emails!

Once again, her goal to grow her business AND create more leverage (and free time). Not grow the business and create more work.

So creating marketing automation that could generate sales for her 24/7, without someone running things, was the key.


Generating more leads is great.

But the real leverage comes from making sales automatically, 24/7.

And the best way we’ve found to do that is with an automated (evergreen) webinar funnel.

With a webinar funnel, you can use software like Everwebinar to create a 50-minute presentation and tailor email sequences based on a viewers actions (didn’t attend, attended left early, saw the offer, and more).

For Sonia, we simply invite her “lead magnet” leads to take the next step in the journey, and watch her signature presentation — which is the webinar.

It delivers more value, builds the relationship, and at the end… Sonia presents a special offer for her online course, Ask Your Guides (which is in perfect alignment with the “mini course lead magnet”).

Email “autoresponders” do the jobs of:

1. Delivering the lead magnet mini-course and supporting people in consuming it.

2. Encouraging leads to register and watch the webinar presentation in full.

3. Following up with leads based on actions they take, and inviting them to purchase the course.

All said and done, Sonia has a complete system for turning traffic (website visitors) into leads, delivering value and building relationships, and closing sales.

Can you see how powerful this stuff is?

When you implement a lead magnet, lead generation becomes automatic.

Tack on the automated webinar funnel and email campaign to the backend, and it’s like having a highly trained sales force building relationships with your customers and making you sales on autopilot.

Again, Sonia has been able to cut back from 18-20 speaking gigs per year to only 7 – a decrease of 65% – and cut her weekly coaching time from 25 hours per week to only 10. Now, she’s able to focus more on the things she loves in life, and she’s got plenty of free time to boot.

What could this type of marketing automation do you for?

* This case study reposted from where I worked as "Chief Marketing Officer" for 3 years. I strategized and implemented this project.

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